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Netanel BIOS – (Tech-Bio)
This BIOS was designed according to the first software I ever came across (1993).




SightBit is a startup project, developing deep technology to increases safety and security around water environments. Leveraging the company’s proprietary deep learning AI models and computer vision technology, its capabilities include human detection and classification, drowning detection and prediction, ship & vessel detection, floods prediction, and much more, using simple and off-the-shelf cameras. NO sensors, NO edge processing, NO customization.

The project-based on state-of-the-art Panoptic deep learning model and special data augmentation.

Status: Public
Stage: MVP
GitHub: Private

VizNet is a deep learning project intending to research and produce a unique type of artificial neural networks architecture to bridge the gap of video tasks.

Holding the basics from CNN and RNN networks along with the most important dimension -> TIME. The project attaches great and crucial importance to the structure, limitations, and quality of data that comes naturally from video cameras.

Status: Stealth
Stage: Initial POC
Website: None
GitHub: Private

A tech-minded innovator blending geeky skills with business smarts.

👦 I grew up with a computer in my hand, and by the age of 12, I already knew how to control servers at some of the top American universities. By age 14, my first product was a fork of the Sub-Seven, which acted as remote access, which I built to breach the defences of giants like Microsoft and Symantec. By the time I was 18, I had strong Software Development and IT skills, including Python, C, and Advanced Communication.

💂🏽 My service in the IDF was my first glimpse into how data runs the modern world. There I found a talent for quickly absorbing new information, managing data, and utilizing advanced computer vision technologies.

👨‍🎓 At age 22, I on to earn a B.A. in Economics, an MBA in Strategy, and an m-MSc in Computer Science. I am also a member of IEEE and The Israel Information Technology (IT) Association…

My Stack:

⚙️ E2E Software Development
⛓ Machine & Deep Learning
💻 IT, Linux OS, and AWS
📝 Python & Bash
💾 Data Science for AI

RentBot s a development project based on WhatsApp Meta API and python along with computer vision algorithms and deep learning to provide automation assets management app in a form of an automatic bot.

[Meta WhatsApp + Python + AWS + Detectron2]

This is an initial but independent project with the aim of providing another large project with the possibility of providing an interaction mechanism for users.

Status: Semi-Stealth
Stage: POC -> MVP
Website: Q4 2022
GitHub: click here

AdaptiveBridge AdaptiveBridge is a revolutionary Python library that provides adaptive modelling for machine learning applications, particularly in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. It tackles a common challenge in AI projects: handling missing data features in real-world scenarios.

Machine learning models are often trained on specific features, but when deployed, users may not have access to all those features for predictions. AdaptiveBridge bridges this gap by enabling models to intelligently predict and fill in missing features, similar to how humans handle incomplete data. This ensures that AI models can seamlessly manage missing data and features while providing accurate predictions.

With AdaptiveBridge, integrating this powerful tool into your ML pipelines is easy. Fit the class to your data, and let it handle missing features intelligently. Detailed comments and comprehensive documentation are provided for straightforward implementation on the GitHub and PyPi websites

Status: Public | Open Source
Stage: Production ready | TRL 8
GitHub: click here
Documentation: click here
PyPi: click here

Cylon .1 is an AI brainstorming project intending to research and build the first algorithm pseudo-code for real independent self-maintained artificial intelligence consciousness.

The project takes a simplistic approach that takes the principles of structure and development of a human baby in its early days while addressing the most basic principles required for care.

For example – management, search, optimization, and handling of basic resources in order to enable continuous activity for the entity.

Another example – is a feedback system that manages everything and responds to every process of the entity -> principle of action and reward, pain and happiness, success and failure.

Status: Stealth
Stage: Brainstorming
Website: Mindmap (2023)
GitHub: Soon

💪🏼 With my experience in business and management and skills in Computer Science, I worked at major organizations like Strauss, Intel, and the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, where I gained skills in Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Cyber Security, Product Design, and even Arabic as my 3rd language.

💾 In 2019, I co-founded SightBit, which develops Artificial Intelligence Systems for Smart Detection of Adverse Situations in Water to Prevent Escalation.

💿 In 2022, I joined Synamedia as the Director of R&D with the goal of addressing significant challenges within the Broadcast industry through the application of Data and ML. Over time, I found myself leading the R&D 3 products, from UI and DevOps to Backend.

My soft skills:
🎯 Interpersonal Relationships
🎯 Team Leadership
🎯 Communication
🎯 Product & Project Management
🎯 AI & Computer Science – E2E

What next? now… It’s probably related to you if you read this right?

I’m a family guy who loves to work out early in the morning. In my free time, I learn as much as I can about technology, and if I have the time, I like to play the latest RTS games and Enduro riding.

I love everything from science to science fiction. I’m a space flight dreamer hoping that Elon Musk will bring us all to the stars 🚀 soon enough.

My strength comes from my geek skills regarding technology and my confident attitude toward business, and I still haven’t determined whether my business skills exceed my technology skills or vice versa.

I always enjoy expanding my network, meeting people face-to-face, and learning from others. Contact me directly via email, LinkedIn, or, just like old days, by phone.

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you’ll likely find it pertains to you.

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